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Domaine de LA CHEVALERIE - Bourgueil

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Great Bourgueils by La Chevalerie 

Cave du Domaine de LA CHEVALERIE à BourgueilCaslot family realizes at DOMAINE DE LA CHEVALERIE, vintage of Bourgueil out of the common, often made for guard, but also pleasant from their earliest youth, from magnificent Cabernet Francs. Pierre Caslot said it himself: "our bourgueils are franc as our cabernets, deep as our cellars and always greedy in their youth."

Each vintage comes from a different single vineyard, so from a different terroir. So every wine has its own moment of consumption! The "Grand Mont" hardly finds its equivalent in the Loire, destined to last several decades, like "Les Busardieres" for that matter. "Galichet", on the other hand, is made simply, for a young tasting, on the fruit. "Chevalerie" is balanced and more complex, for a guard of a few years and a good density.

The vineyard is being converted to biodynamic culture, one of the tasks of the fourteenth generation currently in command, Stephanie and Emmanuel Caslot.

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