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Mas JULLIEN - Languedoc Terrasses du Larzac

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Mas Jullien, a reference in Terrasses du Larzac.

Mas jullien
Professionals and wine lovers are unanimous: Olivier Jullien is an exceptional winegrower. Blogs, guides, specialized articles ... everyone goes there with his complimentary comment: Olivier Jullien, "the artist", "intellectual of wine". A "reference in Languedoc", "one of the most emblematic winemakers of the region", "a monument", "spearhead of the renewal of Languedoc wines". And to finish off in style, a comment from the RVF: "More than any other winemaker in Languedoc, Olivier Jullien receives the admiration and respect of his peers."

Unlike the regions known world-wide for centuries such as Burgundy or Bordeaux, Languedoc - where the most beautiful areas did not exist 40 years ago - freedom is paramount. Terroir welcoming young winemakers full of talent, it is a real laboratory of experimentation, alive, innovative, surprising.

Never tired, Olivier Jullien goes on. He is always questioning himself and his playing field is constantly evolving. Sale of disappointing terroirs, acquisition of the most promising ... here he is today at the head of 18 unique hectares.

Founded in 1985 on the grounds of Jonquieres (north of Montpellier) at the foot of Mount Baudille in the magnificent area of ​​Terrasses du Larzac, the Mas Jullien is a scattered, fragmented area. But this dispersion corresponds to a precise plan of the winemaker. With his friend Jean Baptiste Granier, a former trainee and today at the head of the famous Vignes Oubliees, Olivier Jullien is looking for the most appropriate grape / terroir / blend combinations. In this incredible geological disparity, it is the limestone pebbles that we can find most. Olivier Jullien loves this soil for his superior microbial life. He also looks for a certain altitude, (between 200 and 400 meters), and favors the grinding of the ranks.

Even if the respect of the soil and of the life that it shelters has been part of the specifications of the winemaker for more than 30 years, he gave up organic and biodynamic certification remain free in his work. He produces less to produce better, and every vintage has been expected for three decades by connoisseurs all over the world, in rose of course, but also in red and white!

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Crème de la Crème in Languedoc
A few must-haves from Languedoc: Saint-Chinian, Terrasses du Larzac, Pic Saint-Loup, and of course wines without appellation vinified by great winemakers!
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