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Mas del PERIE - Fabien Jouves - Cahors

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fabien-jouves-mas-del-perie-sud-ouest-malbecIt's in the Bordeaux region that Fabien Jouves, the "exceptional" winemaker of Mas del Perie, learned the basics of oenology. Today settled in Cahors, he has exceeded the qualitative standards of Cahors and even of the Southwest in general to create a true reference of the Malbec grape.

Cahors appellation was known for its structured, tannic wines, almost black in color, proposed in a Bordeaux bottle. Fabien Jouves offers fine wines, admittedly structured and cut to meet the years, but of unusual finesse, elegance and velvety, in a Burgundian bottle. From provocation? No, passion for good wine, quite simply! Of course, it does not renounce its grape variety, the malbec (also called "côt" in touraine), or its appellation. It has just opened another path, that of excellence at Cahors, and continues to impress with every new vintage.

Fabien Jouves descends from a peasant family of the Causse, close to the land. Initially, the production of the family estate was entirely for the cooperative. But when Fabien Jouves takes the reins of this vineyard perched on the highest (beautiful!) hillsides of Cahors, the wine will now be vinified and bottled in the domain.

In the Mas del Perie, malbec is king. The winemaker quickly realizes the immense quality and the specificities of his terroirs and is gradually leaning towards the selection of parcels, in order to highlight the interest and quality of each terroir. Ah, this Block B763! Yet he had begun to prove himself with assemblies that had attracted the favors of the highly respected American critic Robert Parker. Courageous ! Another important decision: from the beginning, he manages his estate in biodynamics, with the utmost respect for vines, land and man.

From malbec, Fabien Jouves says that "it's a mad grape variety." He does not support mediocrity, but offers a wide range of paths to explore, and I try to explore the finesse. Because if the Cahors of Mas del Perié are so prized, it is thanks to this incredible finesse that characterizes them. This talented winemaker, inspired by Fred Palacios or Jean Baptiste Senat, seeks freshness in wines subjected to the heat of the Southwest. Soft and digestible wines. Natural winemaking of grapes, without oenological inputs, Fabien Jouves produces "nature" wines, not to be missed, not without having forgotten all the stereotypes about "the Cahors before" Mas del Perie!

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