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BRET Brothers, Domaine La SOUFRANDIERE - Pouilly Vinzelles

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bret-brothers-soufrandiere-bourgogneJean-Philippe and Jean-Guillaume BRET took control of the vineyard of their parents from the 2000 vintage. No more cooperatives and intensive cultivation, leaving room for quality : biodynamics and "bottling in the château"! Very soon certification "organic agriculture" is acquired, then certification in biodynamics.

The exceptional terroir of La Soufrandière participates in the renewal of the Mâconnais thanks to the talent and the unfailing involvement of the Bret brothers and their team. The Mâconnais ... this Burgundy of the south in full effervescence where come to settle many young winemakers talented, trained further north and determined to highlight outstanding terroirs hitherto forgotten. Since 2000, the Bret brothers have refined their know-how and meticulous knowledge of each Chardonnay rank of the family vineyard, and have met with increasing success. Today, they are not only the best representatives of the Mâcon-Vinzelles and Pouilly-Vinzelles appellations, but more generally they are immense ambassadors for that part of Burgundy to which Jean-Marie Guffens-Heynen gave his letters of Nobility by settling in Pouilly-Fuissé, the most famous appellation. The Chardonnays "signed Bret" are cut for the guard and perfectly adapted to the high gastronomy: the best sommeliers are torn, and each vintage is now very quickly exhausted.

Hence the launch of a "niche" trade, intended to prolong the adventure of the high quality in Mâconnais: "BRET BROTHERS". Under this "brand", according to the vintages, about twenty references, with sometimes only a few hundred bottles produced. Beware, this is a true "Burgundy" trade: the Bret brothers pass exclusive agreements with the owners whose vines are well located, and take care of everything: not just manual harvests, wine-making and barrel-keeping, but also the holding of the vines (according to their ultra-demanding principles of respect for nature) throughout the year!

A meticulousness that is found in wines, with exceptional minerality, each one having its character while respecting a very precise terroir, with always this "patte Bret" ... and for the moment prices that have not reached those of the Illustrious Burgundians situated further north. Let's take advantage of this, it will not last.

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