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Samuel BillaudDomaine Samuel Billaud produces Chablis, Petit Chablis, Chablis Grand cru and Premier Cru. If Samuel Billaud has been bathing in the world of wine since his birth, his career as a winemaker has not been a long quiet river. The son of the owner of Domaine Billaud-Simon (Chablis since 1815), he succeeded his father at only 24 years and takes over the reins of the estate, which owes him his last ten great vintages, competing with the greatest wines of the region.

However, succession problems lead him to leave the family vineyard in 2008, and Samuel Billaud finds himself without land. But it will only take two years for this winemaker to fall back on his feet. He creates his own house and proposes a range of high-quality parcels as a winemaker, waiting to be able to recover the family vines of Chablis.

Privileging the organic, carefully choosing his grapes, Samuel Billaud quickly makes a (pre) name and his wines are ripped from North America to Switzerland, passing through Belgium and England.

In 2015, during the sale of the Domaine Billaud-Simon, Samuel inherited 4 hectares of superb vines, located on some of the most beautiful hillsides of Chablis (including a few rare Premiers Crus) in addition to one capital of which he will use to invest in the renovation of a winery located in the village of Chablis. A new owner, and therefore a winemaker, helped by his wife, he began this new phase of his work with renewed energy.

Virtuoso of the chardonnay, he works this vine according to the rules of the art, succeeding in sublimating and revealing his terroirs to each cuvée. Eclatants, minerals and elegant, the crystal white and chiseled by Samuel Billaud are a true revelation, a new vineyard adventure to share!
Our selection of Chablis de Samuel Billaud wines:

  •     Petit Chablis
  •     Chablis
  •     Chablis 1er Cru
  •     Chablis Grand Cru

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