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Domaine Grosbois - Nicolas et Sylvain Grosbois - Chinon

Nicolas et Sylvain Grosbois Nicolas and Sylvain Grosbois The Domaine de Nicolas et Sylvain Grosbois is made up of 19 plots of vines (mainly Cabernet Franc) planted on just over 20 hectares in the Chinon PDO and run under organic and biodynamic farming. The soil is composed of millarges, yellow quartz sands that are particularly useful for keeping the heat in late summer and allowing the grapes to ripen perfectly. The wines are therefore more supple than other Chinons on clay-limestone soils (Baudry, Alliet...).

The Grosbois estate has existed since the 15th century and has always lived from mixed farming. Today, the estate is involved in arboriculture, beekeeping, livestock (Limousin cows, and more recently Black Angus cows and Longué pigs), cereals and vines, which have been revived since 1991. Nicolas in 2006 and more recently Sylvain in 2019 have "returned to their roots" after having exercised their talent as winemakers in many vineyards around the world.

In order to present the Grosbois estate well, it is also necessary to underline, apart from the passion which animates each of the actors who work there, that these actors form like a big multi-generational family, you can feel it, you can see it... and it gives very good results on the atmosphere and the transmission of the agroecological dynamics between the members of the team but also to the customers!

Finally, as far as we are concerned, in other words the production of red wine in AOP Chinon made from 100% Cabernet Franc, a lot of small details, absolutely not insignificant, at each stage of the wine making process, create a natural balance and an environment particularly favourable to quality, and also to the transmission of this omnipresent passion for nature.

A few examples: everything is done by hand - the vines are pruned in a "poussard" style to encourage the flow of sap and limit diseases - yields are deliberately limited for better quality (and regularity in quality) - the soil is only worked on the surface, respecting the biodiversity of the soil (which also encourages the vines to dig their roots deep into the soil) - the actions taken on the vines, which are all organic and biodynamic, are more preventive than curative.

Guide RVF des Meilleurs Vins de France 2023 (sept. 2022) : 1★/4 

Guide Bettane et Desseauve : 3★/5

The Chinon wines of the Grosbois estate that we have selected :

  • Chinon "Cuisine de ma Mère" rouge
  • Chinon "Gabare" rouge
  • Chinon "Clôture" rouge

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