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La TERRASSE D'ELISE - Xavier Braujou

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Xavier Braujou, among the best winemakers in Languedoc

Xavier Braujou au domaine de la Terrasse d'Elise
Son of winemakers, launched with a few acres of syrah in 1998, Xavier Braujou worked in parallel until 2008 to finance the extension of his domain to the 12 hectares that it currently covers.

Tireless worker and meticulous winemaker, knowing where he is going, the self-taught winemaker knows his terroir perfectly today, and also controls his wine ageing, as well as the time to "rest" if necessary after bottling. Without concession, he does not hesitate to keep in the cellar a cuvee that could disappoint in his youth but which will prove exceptional in a few years.
As it is also the philosophy of Vignerons d'Exception, we couldn't resist. After tasting, it is impossible not to select these wines, even if illustrious neighbors around this famous village of Aniane are already present in our cellars (Cal Demoura, Chabanon, Daumas GassacMontcalmes ... among others).

Like for all fine wines, Xavier Brajou practices manual harvest, low yields (20 to 25 hl / ha) and single vineyard wines. But he goes further: he disregards appellations and produces only PGIs from the Pays d'Herault, so as to remain in control of his very personal choices. With the exception of Elise, the prestigious blend of vintage produced in confidential quantities only certain vintages, each cuvee comes from a single grape variety!

Each of them has a very different character, with Braujou signature: the delicacy, resulting in particular from the alliance between old vines with low yields and long aging in non-new barrels.

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