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Domaine LES SERINES D'OR - Seyssuel - J. Ogier and D. Robelet

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Les Serines d'Or, one of the best estates in Seyssuel.

Founded in 2000 by Jerome Ogier and Damien Robelet, Les Serines d'or is the great revelation of the wines of Seyssuel. The estate covers 2.3 hectares mostly planted with Syrah (or Serines).

For the Ogiers, success in wine is a family story ! Jerome Ogier, (cousin of the famous Stephane Ogier) was originally a fruit producer. He wanted to diversify by planting vines. As for Damien Robelet, he also learnt from the best: Stephane Montez and Yann Chave. He is now in charge of vinification and ageing of the wines at the estate.

Where does the name "Les Serines d'Or" come from? "Serine" is one of the oldest synonyms of  Syrah; there is also a debate about whether all Syrahs are serines or only certain varieties ... and vice versa of course. Les Serines d'OR is nicer than "Les Serines d'Ogier-Robelet"! ("OR" are the initials of the two winemakers).

The winemakers follow the principles of sustainable agriculture. The priority is to produce quality grapes so that they can produce rich and complex wines. The goal is to show the best of this magnificent terroir. Les Serines d'Or is the only estate to vinify and age its wines from Seyssuel in Isere (38).

Currently in "PGI collines rhodaniennes" appellation, the wines could quickly obtain the Seyssuel AOP. The application is under process and has some strong arguments, since the greatest winemakers have known for many years that the terroir of Seyssuel is at least as qualitative as that of Cote Rotie.

Indeed, the exposures can be better and the soil and the subsoil are comparable. However the vines are younger: the ambitious Stephane Ogier decided to replant this beautiful terroir only a decade ago. He does not hide his ambition to vinify at Seyssuel wines superior to many Cote Rotie. To be totally convinced that Seyssuel AOP is a great appelation, just taste the cuvee "l'Ame soeur" by Stephane Ogier (an allusion to the identical soil of the Cote Rotie).

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