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Olivier Pithon, a generous winemaker in Roussillon.

olivier-pithon-roussillon-vigneronOlivier Pithon moved to the estate in 2001 with his cow Lais, with the aim of producing fine wines from Roussillon. Located in Calce, in the Pyrenees Orientales, the estate extends over 19 hectares.

Olivier Pithon was initiated into the wines by his maternal grandfather, as well as by his big brother (Jo Pithon), both winemakers. So he naturally came to the vineyard. Through his experiments he has made decisive encounters. First of all in Bordeaux, with Stephane Derenoncourt, a renowned winemaker, who taught him what we do not learn at school: the fact that the most important thing is to make wines that we love. Then in Roussillon: at the end of 2000, when he was looking for a place to set up his estate, he was sponsored by Gerard Gauby, an illustrious winemaker from Roussillon. Catalan of adoption, Olivier was seduced by the Roussillon, from where he never left.

His wines are in his image: "I do not know how to be otherwise than integral, generous and natural." Since 2010, Olivier Pithon rigorously applies the principles of biodynamics. This allows him to develop his shale and limestone soils to the best advantage. Biodiversity enthusiast, we find cows in his vineyards as well as some hives.

Our selection of wines by Olivier Pithon:

  • Lais  (from the name of his Jersey cow) in red and white.
  • D18, a blend of grenaches, is a fine white wine from Roussillon.
  • Macabeu, fine wine with great ageaing potential.
  • Colt d'en Olby, grenache from a sigle vineyard.
  • Le Pilou, a pure carignan.

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