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Champagne Clandestin by Benoit Doussot, House of the 21st century

champagne ClandestinThis is no ordinary Champagne house... and its name bears witness to that fact!

Faced with the growing demand for authentic champagnes from winemakers, the talented Benoît Doussot (not even thirty!) has created a "haute couture" house: to produce a few highly specialized cuvées in the Aube region, where he has purposely set up shop (Landreville), designed to appeal to the most discerning connoisseurs, by bringing together the juices of a handful of hand-picked winemakers, all with the "organic" label.

The Aube region has always supplied many top-quality grapes to the major champagne brands, and the idea of Benoît and the winegrowers in this area is to reappropriate these singular grapes, which "disappear" in large, unidentified volumes when they travel to Reims.

In fact, this sector of the Aube can be identified by its Kimmeridgian limestone and marl geology, an extension of the soils we know from Sancerre and Chablis, which supports a quality of grapes that these same "houses" or "brands" have of course been noticing for a long time...

Our selection of Benoît Doussot Champagnes:

  • "Boréal" Brut Nature
  • "Austral" Brut Nature
  • Les Grandes Lignes Brut Nature
  • Les Revers Brut Nature

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