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Domaine Zind-Humbrecht - Winegrowers from father to son in Alsace.

andree-trapet-alsaceSince 1620, they have been winemakers from father to son.

The Zind-Humbrecht Alsatian estate was born from the unification of 2 estates and the merger of 2 holdings in 1959.

Prior to this, the Zind and Humbrecht families each produced their own distinct and highly regarded wine.

Today, the estate belongs to the elite of Alsatian viticulture, and is one of its best ambassadors. Today, it extends over some forty hectares of vines which flourish on very different soils (about ten in total).

Today, it is Olivier and Margaret Humbrecht who work together on the estate. They took over from Léonard and Geneviève Humbrecht in 1989.

The vines are cultivated according to biodynamic principles, a philosophy that reinforces the expression of the terroir in the wines. The estate has been certified organic since 1998 and biodynamic since 2002.
Our selection of wines from the Zind-Humbrecht estate

  •     "Zind" (chardonnay-auxerrois) dry white
  •     Riesling "Clos Häuserer" dry white
  •     Pinot Gris "Rotenberg" dry white
  •     Gewurztraminer "Roche Calcaire" white semi-dry

Why buy the wines of the Zind-Humbrecht estate?

Because we like them, and we believe that these wines have a perfect place in your cellar! But as some customers have told us, "we are not objective, since we have tasted and chosen them to sell: we are interested". This is why we prefer to "defend" our selection with the comments of major guides, more objective than us:

Guide RVF des meilleurs vins de France 2022: 3*/3 A tireless ambassador for his wines and the region, Olivier Humbrecht, the first Frenchman to hold a Master of Wine degree, has long understood the importance of working in the vineyard. He converted the estate to biodynamic viticulture in 1999, and is also president of the Biodyvin label. This type of cultivation has enabled him to get rid of botrytis and reduce the alcohol content. The wines are dry in style, and the large tuns patinate them several metres underground. Like all great Alsace wines, they take on their full dimension after a few years or decades of cellaring.

Guide Bettane + Desseauve 2022: 5*/5. This estate has embodied for several decades an idea of the absolute in terms of great terroir wines. Léonard Humbrecht had a visionary spirit when he acquired superbly situated plots of land on the Rangen, the Clos Windsbulh, the Clos Jebsal, the Brand or the Hengst. His son Olivier magnifies the expression of the subsoil with incredible intensity and power. Biodynamic farming since the end of the 1990s.

See our selection of Great Wines of the Zind-Humbrecht estate:

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