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Domaine Patrick BAUDOUIN

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Patrick Baudouin and his beautiful Chenin from Anjou

Domaine Patrick BaudouinPatrick Baudouin is a militant winemaker: it is possible, by putting the means, to create great wines as soon as a terroir is propitious, which is of course the case of his own, located in this magnificent Black Anjou of schists, Sandstone and volcanic rocks. But it must be respected, this terroir, and not pollute it. The result of this philosophy is in the bottle today: It is the fruit of 25 years of hard work and uninterrupted progress, be it in the vineyard, in the cellar, but also in communication.

Patrick Baudouin has surpassed its simple name "Anjou".
Its great wines have no equal in the region, and the afficionados of the vineyard know it; They do not hesitate to compare their vintages with the best nectars coming from the most famous Protected Designation of Origin  ... and more expensive too.

Created by his grandparents in 1920, the vineyard was almost uncultivated when Patrick Baudouin took over in 1990. Today, the winemaker magnifies 13 hectares of vines, most (3/4) are chenin, a magic variety of grape (either dry or sweet ) when it's planted on these so suitable terroirs.

Since the beginning, Patrick Baudouin has made radical choices that cultivate his difference in an appellation that is just beginning - partly thanks to him - to emerge from the shadows today. Stopping chaptalization in 1994, with sulfur limitation and no other inputs. Stop chemical weed killers in 1997 and resume plowing, discontinuation of synthetic products in 2001, and conversion to organic farming in 2002. The arrival of a financial partner (a mutual) in 2008 helps to invest even more to produce wines of exceptional quality, now recognized worldwide, in particular with the good grades received from the critics of the American guide "R. Parker's Wine Advocate" since the 2010 vintage.

The wines of the vineyard are today at the top of their respective appellations, and see further: Grands liquoreux (Quarts de Chaume, to make pale many of the greatest wines of Sauternes or Alsace), dry chenins (Savennières and Anjou) And also superb red in the program, with guards at the height of the quality of the wines produced.

The human is also at the heart of the philosophy of Patrick Baudouin to create great wines and produce them "healthy": Human investment is considerable, and far superior to the normal vineyards: Hilly terraces difficult to work (slopes...) , Organic farming , manual grape harvesting, grape sorting, fermentation and essential barrel breeding ... On only 13ha, the vinyarde employs 4 people permanently, an ESAT team (handicapped person) eight months per year, and seasonal workers (up to 30 to harvest without losing time at the optimum maturity of the grapes).

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