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Marcel Richaud's estate, a reference in the Rhône Valley.

vieux-telegraphe-brunier-chateauneufLocated in Cairanne, this family estate produces red and white wines that are now recognised throughout the world.

The estate was created by Marcel Richaud when he took over the land from his father Gaston, around 1980. Very quickly the agriculture became organic.

In the Côtes du Rhône, so close to the other crus such as Gigondas, Vacqueyras or Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the atmosphere in the 1980s was one of production volumes. A visionary, Marcel Richaud stood out from the start in his search for quality without concession, even if it meant reducing yields.

At the estate, the environment is allowed to express itself through organic farming and natural vinification. The use of sulphur and motorised machinery is very limited. Only contact products are used to treat the vines. The estate does not use chemical weed killers to respect the foliage and the balance of the plant. The entire vineyard was certified by the ECOCERT label in 2008.

In 2015, when Marcel Richaud joined forces with the Alary brothers (l'Oratoire Saint-Martin, the other major estate in the appellation) to draw up precise specifications to highlight its terroirs, Cairanne was awarded the Côtes du Rhône "Cru" classification.

In 2014, the new generation took over. Marcel Richaud's children, Claire, Thomas and most recently Edith, continue their father's work. Together, they are working on replanting the hillsides to produce beautiful Cairanne, both white and red. The estate now covers 80 hectares between Cairanne and Rasteau. All the terroirs and grape varieties of the appellation are represented.

Our selection of wines from the estate:

  •     Cairanne tradition red 2020
  •     Cairanne L'Ebrescade red 2019

Why buy the wines of Domaine Richaud?

Because we love them, and we believe that these wines have a perfect place in your cellar! But as some customers have told us, "we are not objective, since we have tasted and chosen them to sell: we are interested". This is why we prefer to "defend" our selection with the comments of major guides, more objective than us:

Guide RVF des meilleurs vins de France 2022: 2*/3 (very great estate). There are very few winemakers in France as demanding and complete, from the vine to the cellar, as Marcel Richaud. He has reached the summit of his art since he has a wine-making and maturing cellar that matches his ambitions. For the wine lover, the work of this producer is a blessing. His entire range is of a remarkable standard and is immediately appealing. The wines gain year after year in finesse and precision, while respecting the balance and maturity of the South.

Guide Bettane + Desseauve 2022: 4*/5 (Very High Quality). There are some winemakers who alone evoke an entire appellation, and the charismatic Marcel Richaud is one of them. He has undoubtedly contributed to giving its letters of nobility to the last born of the southern Côtes du Rhône crus. The young generation that joined the family estate a few years ago is determined to perpetuate the know-how of the house, nevertheless, as if to mark a turning point, Claire and Thomas have acquired 20 additional hectares, half of which are adjacent to the famous plot of Ebrescades, which augurs well for future surprises. Most recently, Edith, the youngest daughter, has given in to the call of the sirens and above all of the vines; after a brilliant Parisian career in the luxury sector, she has finally settled in the charming little village of Cairanne, bringing an additional important asset to the beautiful Richaud family.

Consult our selection of Grands Crus from the Richaud estate:

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