Our philosophy

An unprecedented quality, a solid actor, in total safety

Vignerons d'Exception offers a selection of wines vinified by some of the best winemakers in France (excluding Bordeaux) in the same aging cellar.
Vignerons d'Exception is an independent company (contacts below), with a substantial capital made up of a few passionate shareholders. Vignerons d'Exception buys its wines directly from the winemakers, before their production is exhausted (which is quickly the case given the reputation of the selected winemakers), to store them in a warehouse in Burgundy with ideal conditions of conservation. This storage allows to propose, several years after the purchase, wines and vintages nowhere else to be found and sometimes already ready to drink. All wines proposed are in stock: no pre-sale or sale "en primeurs", methods that have caused many disappointments to many amateurs through unscrupulous websites.

Vignerons d'Exception claims the position of reference actor for fine wines (outside Bordeaux), both on the quality of the selected wines and on the high-end service offered.

Selected winemakers for a sharp clientele

The selection of winemakers or families of winemakers is carried out, in addition to the unavoidable tastings, according to their international reknown as well as their talent. All remain personally involved at all stages of production, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Let us pay tribute: their choice of a distributor such as Vignerons d'Exception, who offers their gems to French consumers, is brave: the facility can encourage them to use their great reputation to sell all their production abroad in one wink. There, the final taster will perhaps not be aware of the work - and heart - invested in each bottle ... The wines are sometimes tasted too early, and show only a tiny part of their complexity.

Vignerons d'Exception works with logistic partners on a human scale, who respect the wine until its destination.

An experienced founder

Following management studies (master of econometrics then diploma of the Essec), Tristan Depauw goes to Bordeaux to participate in the development of a traditional Grand Cru trade. There he witnessed the boom in Bordeaux prices. Five years later, he returned to Paris to participate in the launch of the first online wine shop in the late 1990s. It is a revelation: there are very fine wines outside Bordeaux, at still affordable prices! To get closer to his passion, he founded a niche business in Chateauneuf-du-Pape that exports a top-of-the-range brand of Rhone wines. Thanks to these experiences, it was at the age of 43, in 2013, that he decided to create Vignerons d'Exception, to offer a unique service to home-deliver fine wines, based on the talent of the winemakers encountered in 20 years of passionate career.

Company figures and details

Vignerons d'Exception is a SAS with a capital of 193,000 € registered in the Lyon Business Register.
SIRET NUMBER: 793 158 080 00010, VAT N °: FR38 793158080

Our office is located in Lyon area (Rhone)
71 rue François Mermet, 69160 Tassin la Demi Lune, France
Phone: +33 (0) 9 52 13 49 98 (Call us if you need any advice !)
Fax: +33 (0) 9 57 13 49 98

Our cellar is located in Chalon-sur-Saone (Burgundy)