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LA TRAVERSEE - Gavin Crisfield

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Gavin Crisfield from La Traversee, an Irishman in Languedoc.

Irishman Gavin Crisfield crossed the Irish Sea and then the English Channel after 10 years as a in London in the best restaurants. After training as an oenologist, he worked for a long time as an employee in a renowned Languedoc estate, and finally took his independence in 2009: he settled on a few hectares carefully selected in Saint Privat, in the Languedoc appellation Terrasses du Larzac, called LA TRAVERSEE. On less than 5 hectares, he produces the 4 traditional qualitative grape varieties of the region (cinsault, carignan, grenache, syrah) in organic farming on 4 different soils (schists, sandstone, basalt, limestone and clay). Gavin Crisfield expresses all his know-how resulting from his academic training (oenologist - sommelier) but also from his experience of 10 years of vinification.

cuves de LA TRAVERSEE de Gavin Crisfield en terrasses du LarzacWith the declared aim of "achieving harmony and elegance", each grape variety is vinified separately, without added yeasts, in ovoid concrete tanks. Then, the wines are aged 18 months in French oak barrels.

Gavin Chrisfield: "I believe that the shape and the material of the fermentation tank as well as the aging are essential to the overall quality and the expression of the finalized wine. My goal is to reveal the potential of this wonderful region by capturing the purity, complexity and character."

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